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Part one?
Ron Hp quote

Incomprehensible is the stone wall that blocks my way
Tall and unmoving
In away everyone has their hurdles to get over
I can see others well down their path struggling with their own made issues
Noone can help you but yourself
Which brings me back to my wall
All life lines are gone
the water I was using to erode the base is taking to long
What do I have left to try
I can't fly
I'm too afraid what if I close why eyes and the wings are gone
At any rate it seems impossible to do it alone
I've tried just climbing my wall stabbing it with spikes and traveling upwards
The wind forces me back to the ground
So I sit here looking up at my damn wall
Over what I am missing for on the other side is a new level of me
Someone as tough and durable as this wall
Which brings us back to the problem....

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