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Late night rant
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I can not sleep. I am so nervous... I knew today was coming. I was so happy Braden finally got a chance to escape his hell hole of a home. I am not selfish but now I am in dread. I hate the thought of being alone barely able to talk to someone who truely cares about everything in my life. Someone who I can be just myself with.
Now I must pretend to be obedient daughter attentive young lady. Beat myself down as I torture off the pounds in silence. Put on my mask to face those I convince I am normal I belong even though their every answer screams I do not belong and never will.
I must be brave and face it alone yet again.
Braden made things feel so much better relieved the pain I feel. Once the summer is over he will be happy alone just him and Huey. I will be..... Alone.... But he can join me again since he hopefully will not have as long Hours not from 5pm to 2am.
I can do it I believe I can.

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